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Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Justine.

I write about all sorts of things, mainly fiction exploring cultural assimilation, ageing, and identity, particularly from the perspective of Filipino immigrants to the United States. Folklore is a strong influence on my writing and I often use it as a foundation for telling modern stories. I write to share Filipino stories within our community and for a broader audience.

I also write children’s books. My first, Mama, Mama, Do You Know What I Like?, was recently published by Sawaga River Press. My second, Jack Meets Agio, is in the works and slated to come out next year, spring 2019.  Sawaga River Press is an independent small press that aims to publish children’s experiences in the Filipino diaspora (sawagariverpress.com).

I run a blog of letters to my sons about their ginikanan (origin, Bukidnon, Philippines) and how it is like to be their ginikanan (parent). Please check out the site: ginikanan.com.

These days, I try to read as many books as I can that are written by Filipino and Filipino-American authors. I write my reviews on the books that I’ve read for Halo-Halo Review. Check it out when you can: http://halohaloreview.blogspot.com/

I have a degree in drama from San Francisco State University and in law from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. I work as a dance instructor and, every once in a while, as an immigration and bankruptcy attorney.

Currently, I live in Woodland, California, with my husband and two young sons.

Please feel free to send me a message or leave me a note if anything here moves you.


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