After a little over a decade of solo practice in bankruptcy and immigration, in August 2022, I transitioned to public service and started working with the Department of Managed Health Care. (I’d be remiss not to give a Public Service Announcement: If you need help with your health plan, go to the Department’s website and find out how the Department can help you!)

Working as a state attorney is hard…but definitely fulfilling. I am learning a lot about the healthcare system, plans, policies, codes, regulations… Also about people’s needs. But most importantly, I am learning about myself and how I fit in this system, the gifts that I bring, my boundaries, and what it means to serve the public. All good things! I am sure I have so much more to learn and I am here for all of it!

As a memento of my prior attorney work, I leave below the snapshot of my website which no longer exists.

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